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What's new? Bi-weekly event


This is a new event that takes place on weekends, every two weeks. We are focused only on new and updated products. Event without a theme. We give you complete creative freedom!

◘ How do we differ from other discounts and events?
- We strive to achieve a balance between weekly and monthly events. Two weeks - is a great time, to make a product for a discount event, without prejudice to monthly and other events.
- Unlike other discounts, we are focused only on new and updated products. You will not find the same product several times with us (only if it's updated again).
- In addition, we have no restrictions on how long ago the product you want to update was made. That is, you can update the product that was made last year or even earlier.

Event Suspended

Round 1 🤍 Round 2🤍 

◘ Rules ◘

◘ Products and setup:
• There is no need to participate in every round. But we would appreciate it if you participate at least once every two months.
• The products must be new or updated. You can upgrade both a recent product and a fairly old one. This may be updating textures, adding dimensions to other bodies, or other alterations.
• You can put up for sale one or more products, including a fatpack.
• You need to set up the products and send a request no later than 12 pm (noon) Thursday. Otherwise, you will not be included in the round list.
• Please do not remove the discount before the end of the round 11:59 pm (midnight) Sunday.
• Participation fee is 750L$ for each round. Paid in the our payment room.
• You need to have one free seat to join the event group.
• Discounted items, for the current round, have to be marked with the "What;s new?" logo.
• "VELES Events Kiosk” has to be located in your main store.
• Any item with copyright (see TOS will be rejected. We do not allow such violations.
• Products, downloaded from websites with 3D models, are not allowed.

◘ Vendors:
• The vendor's texture should have our logo (one of the provided versions). Especially when you upload an event vendor to your social networks, blog, website, etc.
• If you put only a part of the colors on the our discount, then be sure to use our tags on discounted products.
• When posting discounts in your social networks and so on, please specify our tag: What's new?

◘ Price limits:
• You need put up at least one product 50-75L$ (for example, one of the colors of the products).
• Fatpack should be at a discount of 25% or 50%.

◘ Timeline SLT:
• Setup the products and sending apps: until 12 pm (noon) Thursday
• Bloggers are working: 12 pm (noon) Thursday - 9 am (morning) Friday
• Event start: 12 pm (noon) Friday
• Event closed: 11:59 pm (midnight) Sunday

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